Traceability Mobility Solutions

Maintaining Controls Away from the Facility with Traceability Mobility Solutions

Within your facility, you likely have very good controls over your products and the inventory you have on hand at any given time. The problem is that once your products leave your facility, you may feel like you are powerless to know what is going on with the delivery and receipt aspect of the business. In fact, with Epsilia, you can take advantage of the many traceability mobility solutions you will be able to know where your products are and when your clients can expect to receive them.

The traceability mobility solutions offered makes it possible for you to know where your products are when they are being loaded into the trucks, where they are in the delivery process as well as when they are received by the client. Knowledge of the whereabouts of your products at all times allows you to better manage how items are being delivered and creating solutions whenever there are problems that are being identified.

Managing the Loading of the Trucks

In order for your products to be received by your clients, they will first need to be loaded onto a truck and delivered. The traceability mobility solutions offered by Epsilia allow you to use handheld readers to manually see where the products are and how they are being loaded into the trucks. If anything is missing on a truck, it can be discovered before the truck ever leaves the facility. These traceability mobility solutions are the closest thing you have to recording everything by ink to paper without all the slow integration of the information into the system. You will get up to the second information thanks to full traceability mobility solutions.

Managing the Whereabouts of the Trucks

As the items are loaded onto the trucks, they are now set to be delivered. This is a very important aspect of the process because shipping can have several controllable aspects that can go wrong. From misuse of fuel to delivery plans that make no sense, there are problems you might face. The traceability mobility solutions offered help you to analyze exactly what is happening at every moment of the delivery so that you can make changes where they are needed. The traceability mobility solutions that are integrated into your business model so you can get more done in a shorter period of time.

Recording the Receipt of the Deliveries

As the supplies are received, they can be inputted into the system with the traceability mobility solutions. The hand held devices used by the drivers can be used to scan the items as they are being offloaded from the truck. This information is immediately integrated into the system and available to all parties. The drivers will be able to manage the delivery and make the necessary checks that the inventory is in good condition. Best of all, the traceability mobility solutions allows your clients to sign that they have received so that you have legal recourse if they claim they have not received the shipment.