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Cross Analysis - BI




This module lets you build multidimensional reports for analyzing business information. Cross analysis offers complete customization and enables quick and easy production of a virtually infinite range of reports. Its ergonomics and power put all of your company’s data in the hands of managers



  • Make critical business decisions: your data is the key to success.
  • Be self-reliant in managing your analyses without any technical expertise.
  • Automatically email information to colleagues and employees at planned strategic moments.
  • Integrates easily to the Dashboard or can be executed in automatic mode, planned for when you need it.
  • Cross analyses can come from different data sources, e.g. SQL, Excel and Access, and building subsets of information about a particular area of the company is simple, including marketing, risks, quality control, sales, inventory, traceability and production.
  • A number of features, including real-time graphics, allow you to track key performance indicators over weeks, months and years.
  • Print and export data: Cross analysis is not only a data analysis screen, it allows you to export data into many formats, including XLS, XML, TXT, HTM and PDF, and print content in the form of traditional reports.


  • Simple saving of analysis parameters, printing, export in different formats.
  • Select data for a period, a production, an area, etc.
  • Sort, filter, group or distribute data based on criteria you choose.
  • Perform different calculations (totals, averages, variances, comparisons between periods, etc.), and even drill down if the data model is supported on an OLAP structure.
  • Present your results in summary or detailed form, generally graphically, depending on your needs.
  • Create calculated fields to allow you to cross data that meets particular information needs.
  • Add formatting conditions (change of format – colour, writing style, font, etc.) to easily highlight and spot data that best meets your needs.
  • This tool integrates graphical control dynamically tied to the data in the chart.