•  Agrifood - Fruits & Vegetables

    Upon harvest, the solution allows you to create your inventory, identify your products, manage the cold chain but also the specifications of your products such as characteristics, breakage rate etc.  Optimize your processes and reduce your losses.

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  •  Agrifood - Meat

    By using our solutions, Epsilia enables you to optimize livestock management, slaughtering and  cutting process whatever the specie you transform!  Optimize fresh products and minimize freezing.

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  •  Agrifood - Transformation

    With its experience, Epsilia covers the entire material flow : receptions, inventories, work in process, shipments.  At each step, the Epsilia solution is connected to the scales, the printers, PLC…  The Epsilia solution is constantly evolving.  New features are added to the offer to respond your needs on a continuous basis : purchasing and inventory optimization, production planning, receipes management,  inventory management  by article in quantity and weight in real time.

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  •  RFID

    Increase your production efficiency and automate the processes.

    Epsilia RFID solutions help your company reaching a new efficiency level by offering a larger visibility and material flow automatization of your production, your inventory and your vehicules.  With real time follow-up details, you will have a better visibility of the movements and locations of your entreprixe critical assets.

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  •  Transportation & Logistics

    Track your operations on the road.

    Transport and logistics management are essential elements for the productivity of your entreprise.  Even outside of your company, real time access to your informations is critical.  With specialized solutions, you can increase productivity, profitability and operations such as delivery management, on-site billing, road optimization, delivery sequencing…  Discover supplementary advantages of transport and logistic solutions offered by Epsilia.            

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  •  Manufacturing

    Organize and optimize workorders and works in real time.

    From warehouse to delivering product, the specialized Epsilia solutions allow access to critical informations in real time in order to manage and automate operations creating a transparent transfer to the production floor with an error-free work environment.  By combining the local area network, industrial computers, portable computers, bar code and radio identification (RFID) with specialized operations and automation management applications, this enables you to optimize your work processes.  With the creation of a continuous flow, a precise documentation on equipment conditions, on material and necessary ressources and the production process, there will be less errors and you will see an improvement in overall production.

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  •  Public services

    Keep control OF THE USE OF your assets!

    Epsilia solutions and expertise allow public services organizations such as municipalities to optimize their processes.  Among others, the identification and management of the snow fleet vehicules and the automated access to well defined sites.  Keep control on the movements and usage of these vehicules to increase the profitability of the assets. Epsilia can help you for your new projects! 

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  •  Business Intelligence

    Optimize the usage of your entreprise data.

    Make better decisions, faster and smarter with solutions that bring decision data to a higher level.  Epsilia solutions allow a broader analytical capacity so each one has relevant information necessary to help the entreprise progress.   Intelligence systems for decision making are made to be integrated in Epsilia operations management solutions but also into the third party softwares you currently use.  Start responding to your business intelligence needs rapidly while beeing confident about helping your solution over time and supporting your futur needs.

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