Enjoying the Simplicity of High Tech RFID

In the past, the only way to track the items being made in a facility was to have multiple people watching over the facility and tracking every item manually. Thankfully, those days are behind us and technology has taken all of the hassle and guesswork out of the procedure to track items as they move through your facility, into shipping and beyond. RFID is the simple solution to the complex problem of controlling your production and making sure the quality is of the highest nature at all times.

When you are using RFID technology, it helps to first know what you are using, how it is used and how it will improve your manufacturing process. Many are amazed that something so highly useful is not more expensive. Simply let Epsilia help you to manage your facility easier with the amazing technology available through RFID.

What RFID Is

The first thing to know is what RFID is. This stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The actual device consists of little more than a magnetic strip that is wound into a square shaped coil attached to a sticker. The magnetic coil is encoded with information like what is on a credit card. This information includes the information about the item itself that can be maintained in the computers. A radio frequency is used to scan and read the RFID itself. This will bring up all of the information that is in the system so that the computer can track what is going on and where the items are in the manufacturing process. It is the best way to make sure that you know at all times what is going on in the manufacturing process.

How It Is Used

The best way to use RFID is to make sure it is being integrated into your manufacturing process. This includes making sure that the products are affixed with RFID as soon as possible in the manufacturing process. As the items make their way through your facility and even when being shipped, they can be tracked quickly and easily through the use of your computers. The manufacturing system can even be programmed to identify certain items and remove them from the manufacturing process just by asking the system to do it for you.

How It Will Improve Your Manufacturing Process

The main way your business benefits from RFID is because you will have the ability to maintain constant control. Identifying what is going wrong as well as what is going right at all times will assist you in getting what you need for your business. The key to any successful business is knowledge and at Epsilia, we specialize in providing you with the knowledge you need through RFID and other such tracking products. Let us help your business grow today when you are using these products and the manager software that goes along with it. You will soon discover everything that you have been missing in your manufacturing process.