Recall Solution

Using Technology to Assist with a Modern Recall Solution

When manufacturing and shipping, there will be occasions in which you will have to recall items. This is an unfortunate consequence of problems in the manufacturing or possibly in the shipping. Even while there are many ways that Epsilia can help to reduce the instances in which a recall will be necessary, there is no way to eliminate the possibility completely. The use of RFID and traceability solutions offers the help you need when a recall solution is required.

There are a few ways in which a smooth recall solution is offered from Epsilia. This includes the ability to where your products have been distributed to and how you can track their whereabouts. This facilitates a smooth transition in which recalling products can be accomplished in the fastest possible time. Your recall solution is available to you so you will no longer have to worry about problems with your products causing a backlash for your company.

Tracing Your Products throughout Production

We offer you solutions like RFID and bar codes that allow you to track your products all through the production process. This allows you to know which products might be subject to the recall and which ones are safe. Attached to each product, computers can read and track each and every item as it moves through production. Scanning and recording the different products allows you to know what items were produced where, by which machine and where they have been shipped to. This will allow you to go through a recall solution with relative ease.

Shipping Products While Maintaining Position

As the items go from production to shipping, they can be tracked to know where they were shipped to, how long it took them to get there and what conditions they encountered along the way. The recall solution will take into consideration all of these factors. Simply enter into the computer any of the products that might be a part of the recall and you will see exactly where they were shipped to and who you need to contact to have the items recalled correctly and with efficiency. By seeing every part of the shipping process from the solutions we offer you at Epsilia, you will have full knowledge of what resources you have available to you.

Recalling Products Quickly and Efficiently

Utilizing all of the information and technology offered from Epsilia provides you with the help you need to contact those who have the products that need to be recalled. By seeing the products as they move through your facility all the way until the time that they have been received by those you are shipping to, you will have the recall solution you need. If the items are still in your facility, stop them from being shipped. If they have already been shipped, contact those you have shipped them to. You will soon be finished with the recall and you will be able to move on to making things right with your clients again.