• Unisoya

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  • Les Aliments Yamatra

  • Signature Passion

    Signature Passion is a manufacturer specialized in frozen products and artisan bakery in an industrial environment :

    • Breads and rolls of exceptionnal quality, peanut free pastry products and specialty desserts.

    • All of our products are made from high quality ingredients using the latest technologies in an environment that meets international standards.

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  • Les Aliments Tri-Deli / ExpediGo

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  • Canneberges L&S

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  • Emblème Canneberge

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  • Giannone


    Volaille Giannone dessert une impressionnante liste de clients, oeuvrant dans les domaines du gros, du détail, de la restauration et de l'hôtellerie, d'un bout à l'autre de la Côte Est du Canada et des États- Unis. Forte de ses réalisations technologiques, l'entreprise cherche toujours à étendre sa réussite à d'autres niveaux.

    Grâce à une approche novatrice en matière de technologies et de marchés, Volaille Giannone assure la continuation de sa croissance, tout en maintenant la "grande tradition familiale", qui consiste à offrir des produits exceptionnels à sa clientèle.

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  • Fruit d'Or

    When it comes to farming and processing high quality cranberry and blueberry products, Fruit d’Or is the Canadian leader. Our company offers a wide range of products adapted to the needs of all the agri-food stakeholders. Whether the cranberries are fresh, frozen, dried, or in the form of juice or concentrate, Fruit d’Or caters for all tastes.

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  • Montpak International

    Family owned, Montpak International is a quality driven processor of a wide range of fresh, frozen and value-added veal products.

    Vertically integrated “field to fork”, Montpak International operates a federally inspected and HACCP-accredited processing plant in Laval and one of the largest federally inspected HACCP-accredited veal slaughter facilities in North America located in St-Germain, Quebec.

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  • Delastek

    DELASTEK is committed to building and maintaining its stature as a compliant, world-class organization that offers its clients technologically-advanced, turnkey products while sustaining a high level of profitability for its shareholders.

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  • Écolait inc.

    Located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Ecolait was established in October 1979. Specialized in the production of milk-fed veal calves for quite some time in Europe, the company decided to export its knowledge to Quebec. To guarantee its success and reach its production objectives, the company has surrounded itself with an excellent team.

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  • O Sole Mio

    O’Sole Mio is, at its heart, a family-run company dedicated to bringing the freshest flavours of Italy home to its customers. Our mission is to create ready-to-serve products that are 100% fresh and made from the finest ingredients, which is why Chef Alfredo hand selects all ingredients and prepares his recipes without additives or preservatives.

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  • Gaz Propane Rainville

    For over 40 years, Gaz Propane Rainville inc. has proudly served our communities by providing a clean, safe, versatile and affordable source of energy.

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  • SaladExpress

    Saladexpress spares no effort to provide fresh produce of top quality, preservative-free, ready to cook or serve. Its commitment to customers’ satisfaction is expressed "from field to fork."

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  • Aliments Asta inc.

    Having experienced sustained growth since starting operations in the slaughter and primary processing of pork in 1982, Aliments ASTA stands out with its commitment to quality, adaptability to market needs and integration of technological advances.

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  • Atrahan Transformation inc.

    ATRAHAN Transformation inc. is dedicated in producing meat from best pork, while working with its partners to provide a line of products consistent with national and world market requirements and the company's normative framework.

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  • Milette Portes-Doors

    Thanks to the know-how and involvement of all our partners, our company is able to fulfill its mission, namely: Manufacture wood doors with the highest standards while optimizing the use of our human resources and raw material. Guarantee our clients a highly customized service, of exceptional quality, by relying on the effectiveness and sense of organization of our partners in order to minimize delivery delays. Ensure the sale and distribution of our products on national and international markets to ensure the continuity and profitability of our operations. Pursue our growth by remaining a leader in the field of research and development of new manufacturing processes and new products.

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  • Pomerleau Gaz Propane

    La famille Pomerleau et son équipe ont à cœur de bâtir, avec vous, une relation durable basée sur la collaboration et la connaissance de vos affaires, parce que votre satisfaction est notre priorité.  

    Pour y arriver nous comptons répondre à vos besoins spécifiques en vous apportant des solutions créatives et efficaces à l'aide de notre gamme complète de produits et services dans les domaines du gaz propane, de la plomberie, du chauffage et de la ventilation.

    Votre confort, votre sécurité et votre quiétude sont aux centres des préoccupations de chacun des collaborateurs de Pomerleau Gaz Propane.

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  • Viande Richelieu Meat inc

    Founded in 1986, Viande Richelieu Meat Inc is a Canadian company which specializes in the breeding and processing of bison, horse, elk, and beef. Determined to offer very high quality meats, we have implemented a rigorous tracking program, from the farm to the shelf.

    Our plants are HACCP certified which means we apply control methods of health safety for food products. Furthermore, all our products conform to the Canadian, European (UE), Japanese, Swiss and Russian community certification standards.

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  • Viandes Riendeau Ltée.

    Two generations of entrepreneurs have contributed to the success of Viandes Riendeau Ltée. Founded by Pierre Riendeau in 1960, the company made deliveries of food products to butchers and markets in the northern neighbourhoods of the metropolis. After moving the business to Repentigny, its founder diversified his services by adding a product line aiming at meeting the needs of sugar shacks.

    Since opening at its new location, Viandes Riendeau Ltée has continued its development by computerising the accounting department, by working on establishing a computerised inventory management system and by implementing accredited Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points certification (HACCP).

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  • Ville de St-Hyacinthe


    For people interested in carrying out some form of economic activity, the Ville de Saint-Hyacinthe, with its endless vitality and diversity, stands out immediately as a location of choice.

    The City’s economic activities fall into four main categories: commercial activities, industry, services and agri-food activities.

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  • Ville de Trois-Rivières

    Located halfway between Montreal and Quebec City, Trois-Rivières offers a strategic location and a living environment more enjoyable for entrepreneurs.

    The city includes all the features of a large urban center, administrative and industrial.

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  • Norampac est une division de Cascades Canada ULC.

    Norampac is the product of a partnership that began in 1997, when Cascades and Domtar merged their packaging assets to create a leader in the manufacturing of containerboard and corrugated products. Throughout the years, Norampac expanded by acquiring several corrugated plants and containerboard mills in Canada and in the United States.

    In December 2006, Cascades bought back Domtar’s 50% stake in Norampac, making the company a division of Cascades.

    In March 2008, Cascades management announced the integration of its North American boxboard operations with Norampac. In addition to achieving certain synergies, this integration has enhanced the sharing of technology and the creation of a larger packaging group that is now better able to respond to the needs of customers in Canada and in the United States.

    Today, Norampac has 30 operating units in North America, is divided into four main production sectors and employs nearly 4,500 people.

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  • Hydro Québec

    A world leader in hydropower

    Hydro-Québec has been generating, transmitting and distributing electricity for over half a century. The company is a world leader in the field of hydroelectricity (power from water). Its sole shareholder is the Québec government.

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  • Patates Dolbec

    Now, with over 125 employees, a research team that keeps track of the latest technologies, modern controlled-atmosphere storage facilities, a state-of-the-art packing centre, and high-tech farming equipment, Patates Dolbec is without a doubt a leader in its field. The biggest potato producer in eastern Canada, with over 10,000 acres of land spread over 15 municipalities, Patates Dolbec rotates its potato crops with corn, barley, wheat, soy and hay. Our fields are in rotation for two to three years before being reused for potato growing. This rotation helps break the cycle of disease, reduces soil erosion by 90%, and keeps soils healthy. It also allows us to grow a wide variety of top-quality potatoes—over 15 varieties in several sizes.

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  • Sutton

    Plumbing and Heating Supplies

    The company was originally founded to help contractors and industrial accounts source out products they normally wouldn’t be able to find. Frank Sutton quickly saw that there was a need for a service oriented wholesaler. The public demand for excellent and timely service helped the company grow to become one of the most successful wholesalers in the Montreal area.

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  • Delft Blue


    For outstanding customer service and food innovations, trust Delft Blue. We focus on solutions that drive results and create better value for our customers. Through research and development, production, packaging, distribution and marketing, Delft Blue creates a 'one-stop' shop, from start to finish. In other words, we make your work easier. We learn your needs inside and out, to create a shared knowledge and vision...a perfect partnership.

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  • Cryos

    Our mission

    Every day is fuelled by our willingness to help podiatric professionals and their patients overcome the challenges they face. By developing integrated, innovative, high-performance solutions we contribute significantly to contemporary podiatry and ultimately to give everyone the power to realize their full potential through postural well-being.


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  • Atoka

    Atoka Cranberries Inc. (ATOKA) ranks among Canada’s foremost cranberry processors. Its innovative production technology, compliance with the highest standards of quality (BRC), seasoned personnel and worldwide distribution network combine to make us a key player in the cranberry industry.

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  • Loyal Express

    Distribution – Transportation - Logistics

    Loyal Express is a company with fifteen years of experience in the distribution and transportation industry.

    We provide a general transportation service for different companies throughout the Montreal area. Our transportation service covers all of Canada and the United States. We guarantee competitive rates.

    Our company has forty-five trucks ranging from ten-wheeler tractors to Econolines, all fully equipped with load elevators, pallet trucks, hand trucks and stabilizing belts. We use the Bell Mobilitécommunication system to communicate with all our drivers. We hire only highly experienced professional drivers.

    We are presently a distributor for the Journal de Montréal, and Le Devoir  newspapers in the Greater Montreal area. We service 1000 points of sale such as convenience stores, grocery stores and gas stations, on a daily basis. We are responsible for sales, perception, timely delivery and promotion.

    We also serve companies that provide transportation and courier services in the Greater Montreal area.

    We now also provide transportation to the United States. We are a C-TPAT, ACE and FAST approved carrier.

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  • Pommes de terre Baril

  • F. Ménard