About us

EPSILIA, one of the most important technologic society of traceability in Canada develops and markets efficient integrated solutions for operations (production and logistics) in highly regulated activities.  We also own manufacturing/transformation (MES) systems, identification solutions (RFID, 1D and 2D bar code), inventory management (WMS), access control and asset management.  Our solutions integrate seamlessly with external systems (ex.: accounting and financial systems, automaton, scale, counter, etc.) in order to maximize the performance of all your enterprise activities avoiding duplications, inefficiencies and potential errors. All data gathered by our solutions are accessible via performing management tools ( reports, dashboard and cross analysis) supporting clear decision making by offering a greater efficiency, shortening execution and intervention delays in order to optimize productivity and profitability of the company.



Since 1983, the company founders have been pionneers in advanced technologies in particular for the religious sector which have been our university on various aspects. Today we perpetuate this progressist tradition by offering our clients results, quality and integrity.

a workplace to accomplish great creative and innovative projects

Great clients and partners with challenging assignments leading to team victories.  Opportunities to learn and grow in respect where the human is in first place in our hearts.  Explore the options that Epsilia is offering to help you progress in your career.


  • Consultant for sale and deployment of value-added solutions.
  • Solution and consulting services in business intelligence.
  • Feasibility study (proof of concept) and site survey for RFID and wireless solutions.
  • Analysis, architecture and custom solution conception (R&D).
  • Technical support, integration and training.
  • Sale of specialized equipment.
  • Project financing service.
  • Study of the results and impact on Return On Investment (ROI).

why epsilia?

  • Nearly 15 years of experience in research and development with implementation of traceability solutions.
  • Hundreds of deployments in Canada, Europe and United-States.
  • Collaborative approach aimed at improving client's productivity and processes.
  • Important network of value-added partners.
  • Our satisfied clients are our best salesmen!

involvement of epsilia

Member of different groups promoting traceability : GS1 and Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) for the adoption of global traceability standards in supply chain of food and manufactured products.