Barcode Solution

Utilize a Barcode Solution to Manage Your Products

In any facility, it is highly important to know what you have and what is happening with it at all times. Different solutions exist to provide you with the help you need to manage your products at all times. The barcode solution is one of the simplest and easy to integrate ways that you will be able to manage your products and know their whereabouts at all times. Setting up the ability to manage your products with a barcode solution is manageable for your facility regardless of size or products being created.

The first part of the barcode solution is to set up the ability to set up the bar codes so that they can be read and interpreted by the computer. Next is to print the bar codes on the products as they are going through production. The last part of the barcode solution is to make sure the bar codes are being read and interpreted correctly through the computer. This is all a part of being able to manage your inventory at every step of the production process and make sure you know what is going on so that changes can be made.

Setting Up Your Bar Codes

The bar codes you are using will need to be created with a computer that will understand what the width of each line represents. The barcode solution allows you to create bar codes that will be designed to make sense with where they are going to be printed. The bar codes used on a box will need to be created differently than those used on a side of meat. Deciphering your need in your barcode solution as well as creating all the bar codes you need for the various products in your facility allows you to get more.

Printing the Bar Codes

After the bar codes have been designed, they will need to be printed on the products. Epsilia offers you the barcode solution needed for printing on all of your products. Wider bar code printing utilizing food grade ink is better for meats and other products while indelible ink and finer lines is more suitable to printing on boxes. The point at which the bar codes are printed can be on a sticker or can be directly on the product itself depending on your need in your barcode solution.

Reading and Managing the Bar Codes

Now that the products have all been printed with the bar code, the next part of the barcode solution is to read and manage the bar codes. This means putting the readers at different points in the facility where you need more control. Identifying points in your facility where problems can occur is a great way to decipher where you need to have readers. Additionally, your barcode solution will be set up so that your readers are inputting all of the information into the computer to manage your information properly. With every part of the barcode solution in place, you will have the ability to manage your products better and enjoy more success.